What is Youth in Government

South Carolina YMCA Youth in Government is a year-round series of conferences, trainings, volunteer opportunities and other events. All program components help high school students learn to take their passion and enthusiasm for strengthening our state and nation by joining with other students through civic engagement and active democracy.

What do students do in Youth in Government?

Model Legislature & Court Conference (ML&C) is the culmination of YiG participation. ML&C brings together students from across the state for a hands-on opportunity to experience democracy by creating a model state legislature and judicial system. The conference provides delegates an opportunity to learn how to solve community problems through the democratic process, as well as debate and discuss issues with their peers from throughout South Carolina. More than 1,500 high school students participate in this three-day conference annually. The conference takes place in Columbia, SC. During the day, students are at the Statehouse, the Supreme Court, or other downtown conference spaces. At night, all activities are at conference hotels and/or other downtown conference spaces.


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