The objectives of the Student Government shall be to:

  1. Develop in students an attitude of responsibility and commitment toward school related issues;
  2. Strengthen the relationship and communications among the students of GMC and its faculty members;
  3. Promote and sponsor student activities;
  4. Work together as a unit to promote positivity among the StuGo Group and the school;
  5. Uphold respect and integrity throughout the school year in and out of school; and
  6. Be committed to GMC and Student Government’s desire to make our community better.
  1. 2019-2020 StuGo Officers


Senior Class Officers

President: Daniel Axmann

Vice President: Julian Jones

Secretary: Ariel Weaver

Treasurer: Leah Hurley


Sophomore Class Officers

President: Kierstyn Winecoff

Vice President: Grace Short

Secretary: Ansley Hall

Treasurer: Katie McClure


Blaze Craze Council

Front Row: Alex McClure, Autumn Pause, Sadeen Sarhan, Grace Smith

Back Row: William Wilson, Delia Parker, Rylie Sargent, Matthew Mitchell

Student Body Officers

President: Luke Hall

Vice President: Ryan Bokowy

Secretary: Matt Garrett

Treasurer: Alyssa Lynch


Junior Class Officers

President: Sara Kate Alexander

Vice President: Amelia Jebens

Secretary: Cora Runion

Treasurer: Ian Downs


Freshman Class Officers

President: Paul Rouse

Vice President: Davis Puckett

Secretary: Rose Wilson

Treasurer: Lexi Weaver