GMC Family,

As we continue to move forward with Phase 1.5 of our re-entry plan, we would like to announce the timeline for moving to Phase 2. For each of the next two weeks, GMC will phase in the return of about 30 students per week to in-person, four day instruction. Families will be contacted based on need, and the school will reach out to you if your student is given that option.

In addition, beginning on Monday, October 5th, GMC will begin offering our traditional, in-person Office Hours Monday through Thursday after school. Space will be limited, so students should sign up in advance with their respective teachers. The schedule for after-school Office Hours can be found on page seventeen of the student handbook.

On Monday, October 12th, the Smart Center will be available for students after school from 3 pm to 5 pm, Monday through Thursday in the Learning Commons.

Finally, beginning Monday, October 19th, GMC will move to Phase 2 where ALL 50/50 students will shift to attending school face-to-face four days a week, Monday through Thursday. Students who are currently Online-Only can continue as such OR they may choose to switch to face-of-face, four days a week instruction. Friday will continue to be an e-Learning day for all students. Please note that as we move into Phase 2, the 50/50 hybrid model will NO LONGER be an option for students.

IMPORTANT: We are excited to have our students returning to school four days a week; however, this is a time where we need to remind everyone that it will take cooperation from students and parents to be able to continue to keep the doors of GMC open for face-to-face instruction. We will continue our current precautionary measures (encouraging students to wash their hands regularly, stay home if they are feeling ill, etc.). Please note, however, as more students attend face-to-face, the opportunity to maintain six feet of social distance will not be possible in most classes. Due to this change, students will need to keep their masks ON in situations where social distancing is not possible. Our teachers have been reminded of the scheduled breathing breaks, so these may become more regular during the school day. Students will also be closer to their classmates at lunch, so please remind them to stay as spread out as possible and keep their hands to themselves during this time.

If these changes prompt any family to decide to shift their student to Online-Only, please contact Mr. Dillard at no later than Monday, October 12th. This is ONLY if your student is currently face-to-face 2 days a week, and you would prefer to shift to Online-Only in place of returning to in-person, four day instruction at this time. Remember, after Monday, October 19th, the 50/50, 2 days a week model will NO LONGER be an option.

A final note concerning our Online-Only students: we have reviewed the requirements from the State Department of Education and Online-Only students can be expected to come to the school for assessments periodically. Per the SC Dept. of Education, "Districts must ensure that any virtual model includes at least an initial in-person contact with students. Intermittent face-to-face contact with students is also strongly encouraged." Read the full document here:

A couple of reminders:

  • GMC will offer the online-only option for the time period it is required to do so by the SDE.
  • Mr. Dillard is your contact person for any changes from online-only to face-to-face or vise-versa.

We will continue to communicate with you over the coming weeks when and if changes arise. We appreciate everyone's diligence as we work to safely return our students to GMC classrooms.


Greer Middle College Administration