2020 Freshmen Lottery Results

On November 15, 2019, GMC held its 2020 Incoming Freshmen Lottery Drawing.  GMC is accepting 140 incoming freshmen for the 2020-2021 Academic year.

During the Open Enrollment period, GMC received 290 applications for the incoming freshmen class.  Of the 290 applications, 64 of the applicants were siblings of GMC students.  Those students were given admission as incoming freshmen pursuant to the South Carolina Charter School Act.  The remaining 226 applicants were assigned an Applicant Number, and the 226 applicants were then randomly sequenced from 1 to 226.  The results are shown to the left.

The first 76 applicants are guaranteed admission provided that they complete all requirements for admission to the school.  The remaining applicants were placed on the Freshmen Wait List and will be contacted in order by the school when an opening in the class is available.

All admitted siblings and applicants must complete the Freshmen Application Package:

School admission is subject to each applicant completing all necessary application forms and meeting all state requirements for admission as a high school freshman.  Failure to provide this information or meet state requirements will revoke the student's admission to the school.