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138 W. McElhaney Rd, Taylors, SC
138 W. McElhaney Rd, Taylors, SC

Attention Parents!

In-Person Classes Resume

Here's some very important information about school operations. We will return to our face-to-face instruction this Monday, January 25th. In order to keep our students safe and the school building open, students will notice that plexiglass partitions are now in the majority of our classrooms. This should significantly reduce the number of students we would need to quarantine in the event of a positive COVID test. However, it is still a possibility and students will need to continue to wear their masks. So parents, please mention to your student that for us to stay within DHEC protocol and not quarantine them if a classmate tests positive for COVID, is to both have the plexiglass AND them wearing their masks.

Also parents, please continue to not send your student to school if there is COVID or even COVID testing due to symptoms in your household. Please email me and the nurse and we will determine if there is a need for quarantine and if so, the return dates. So just to reiterate, if ANYONE in the household is waiting on COVID test results or planning to be tested for COVID due to symptoms, the student should not come to the school building.
We really appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation.

And we look forward to seeing your students here, bright and early Monday morning!

Morning Coffee Bar

GMC Athletics will be hosting a morning coffee bar in the concessions area beginning Wednesday, January 27th between 7:30 and 8 am.

  • Coffee( $2) includes 2 creamers of choice (Caramel, Vanilla, Plain) and sugar
  • Breakfast Items:($1) Honeybuns, Assorted Muffins
  • Nutrigrain bars (.50 cents)

GMC Lunch Ordering

Lunch ordering and volunteering are now open for the week of January 25th.

For additional details click here.

The lunchroom will be selling hot chocolate for .50 a cup to help keep you warm!

GMC Parent Apparel

The Parents in Partnership Committee is now taking orders for GMC Parent Apparel. Order yours by January 22nd. Click here to order.

We will not be ordering extras so make sure to pre-order TODAY!!!!

Service Hours

Each family is asked to either volunteer for 36 hours per school year at GMC or donate items the school requests through the Charter Barter Program - $10 = 1 service hour.

Due to COVID-19, GMC has credited 25 hours for students and 18 hours for parents for the 2020-2021 school year. Service hours will be reevaluated in the spring.

Spring Fundraising Parent Committee

We will be organizing a spring fundraiser to help with some of the Covid related needs for our students. Parents may earn service hours for serving on the committee. Our first virtual meeting will be Thursday, January 28, at 1:30 pm. Please email Heather Timanus if you would be interested in serving on the committee.

Book Drive to benefit the Meyer Center

The Meyer Center for Special Children enriches the lives of children with disabilities so they reach their maximum potential. Donate new and gently used books up to the kindergarten level. Baby board books and simple picture books are ideal. Avoid chapter books and complicated topics.  Click here to view a list of books to gain inspiration from, or purchase these from Amazon. Contact Mrs. Bailey or Sara Kate Alexander with your receipts and/or books to sign off on service hours.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 27 - Friday, February 12
WHERE: Book donation boxes in the GMC lobby
DETAILS: 5 books = 1 service hour

Foam Roller for PE

The PE and athletic department are in need of foam rollers for different activities. These do not have to be new but can be purchased here.

Student Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to read the guidelines. Click here for a live list of student service opportunities that local organizations have contacted GMC about. If you are aware of service opportunities you would like to share with our students, please email Heather Timanus.