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The Luminary

The Luminary is a monthly addition to Blazer News, and it provides information from Mrs. Derrick, Ms. Looper, and Mr. Whatley. Look for The Luminary on the 2nd Friday of each month.

Junior and Senior Families

If a junior or senior has not talked to Mrs. Derrick about Spring 2023 courses, please email Mrs. Derrick ASAP to set up a time to have that conversation. Some classes are filling quickly.

Senior Families

Thank you for your participation with IGPs this year. I enjoyed meeting with each of you and talking about plans after graduation.

Thank you also to those of you who attended the Financial Aid Night and the FAFSA Night. If anyone still needs help with completing FAFSA or with financial aid questions, please let me know. I have college financial aid officers willing to help.

Junior Families

Thank you for completing the testing choice form you received during your SLC. During Spring 2023, Juniors have the opportunity to take either the ACT or the SAT during the school day. This school-day test is paid for by the state department of education.

Sophomore Families

If a sophomore student has not talked to Ms. Looper about Spring 2023 courses, please email Ms. Looper ASAP to set up a time to have that conversation. Some classes are filling quickly.

A student wishing to take Accuplacer in order to qualify for Spring 2023 courses will need to schedule testing through Greenville Tech. Here is the link to sign up.

Freshmen Families

Freshmen students received their transcript in Freshmen Success this week. Parents, please review the transcript with your student and if you have any questions please email Miss Looper.

Wellness Tips

Dealing with Procrastination

We hear a lot of students and parents say that a major source of stress and anxiety is procrastination. More than that, students usually aren’t lazy when they procrastinate, they’re trying to deal with something. If you only have a few seconds, check out this quick short video from Dr. Julie. How to ADHD has more insight into what procrastination feels like on the inside and what to do about it. Really, procrastination is a defense mechanism against stress...the only problem is that putting off things we need to do can cause more stress. Procrastination isn’t only a maladaptive behavior to soothe deadline and due date stress, it’s also a habit we have to avoid the big conversations, the necessary break-up, or even just making a decision. Deadlines and due dates provide panic which usually kick starts productivity, but most of life’s challenges don’t come with due dates. Understanding procrastination is the first step to addressing how and when it happens. If you’re looking for strategies to deal with procrastination, check out How to ADHD, Mel Robbins, and Tim Urban’s Wait but Why.