Middle College Program

Dual Credit Opportunities

Students can begin taking Dual Credit college courses beginning their sophomore year at Greer Middle College.  Students who pass a Dual Credit college course receive credit for both a completed high school course at the Advanced Placement level and college course credit toward a college degree.

In order to take college course, students must complete the following process:

GMC students meeting the following criteria are eligible to enroll in a Dual Credit course.

  • Students must complete their freshmen year with a 3.5 minimum GPA and have passed all course work. Juniors and seniors are required to have a minimum 3.0 GPA and have
    passed all course work the previous year.
  • Students must take and pass the Accuplacer test in the required areas. SAT and/or ACT scores can be used in some instances.
  • Students need to have the recommendation of teachers.  Maturity is the biggest single
    success factor, so teacher input is important. Students need to be independent learners,
    show time management skills, be organized and be able to self-advocate.

College Tuition and Fees

Any student who qualifies for the program must complete and sign a GMC Middle College Program Contract.  Two important provisions of this contract are:

1.  GMC will cover the cost of a certain number of college courses per semester.  If a student wishes to take additional college courses in a given semester, then the student will be responsible for covering the additional tuition costs.  The Course Allotment and Tuition Schedule for each class is:

Class Allotment

College YearAllotted to takeGMC pays for
1st Year2 classes/semester1/semester
2nd Year3 classes/semester2/semester
3rd Year4 classes/semester3/semester


Tuition Rates

Class ofPrice per credit hour








Each student taking additional courses will receive an invoice from GMC that they may pay by either check or through the Securegive portal.  If using Securegive, please please the student's name notes field so we can apply the payment to the invoice.

*** Be aware that most college courses are 3 or 4 credit hours (this is different than the one Carnegie unit credit on the high school end) with the exception of COL 111, which is 1 credit hour. ***

2.  Any student who transfers from GMC after taking college courses the previous semester will be responsible for reimbursing the school for any tuition, book costs and other fees paid by the school on their behalf.

Class Registration Process

Students are responsible for completing all required Dual Credit registration paperwork each semester, as well as meeting all outlined deadlines.  The Counseling Department will communicate to students and parents when registration paperwork is available and deadlines for registration.

Each Spring students will sit down with their school counselor during their Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) meeting to discuss pathways and to map out Dual Credit courses during high school.  Students are encouraged to schedule an academic advisement appointment with their counselor to review registration paperwork.

Additional Information and Resources

There are several sources of information and additional resources available to students to assist them in the planning, preparation and completion of Dual Credit courses through Greenville Technical College.  The following is a list of some of those resources: