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Greer Middle College Charter High School is a public charter high school located on the Benson Campus of Greenville Technical College. Open enrollment allows any student living within South Carolina to attend without any admission tests or tuition costs.

Our Student Body

  • Thirty GMC students have received Associate Degrees from Greenville Tech since 2012 and 7 have earned double associate degrees in science and arts.
  • GMC students surpassed Greenville County’s and the state’s average passing rate on End of Course exams.
  • GMC students scored higher than the state and national averages on the PSAT and ACT and the state average on SAT.
  • Over 20,000 community service hours served each year
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Our Class of 2019 Graduates
(91 students)

  • Received over $5.9 million in scholarship money projected over four years at 33 different colleges and/or universities.
  • 97% went on to further their education by enrolling in a college or university.
  • 93.4% of GMC seniors took a total of 843 college courses during their four years. They earned 2691 college credit hours with a 96.7% pass rate.
  • 100% of our seniors graduated with a min. 3.0 GPA and an averagehigh school GPA of 4.38 and average college GPA of 3.1


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Outstanding Features and Programs

As a public charter, GMC provides our students many unique educational and extracurricular opportunities:

  • Greenville Technical College Partnership allows students to take college classes while in high school.
  • Project-Based Learning emphasizes the use of critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration by preparing students with the prerequisites to be successful in the 21st century workplace. 
  • Mastery Learning requires students to earn an 80% in each course to receive credit and allows students to retest or resubmit major assignments that fall below mastery.
  • Senior Project/Internship enables students to use their knowledge and skills to complete a portfolio, product, and presentation.
  • Office Hours, Writing Center, and Math Center offer students additional one-on-one academic support.
  • Community Service encourages both families and students to be involved in the local community.
  • Sports include Cross-country, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Fishing, Golf, Baseball and Track. 
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