Welcome Blazer Alumni!

We would love to stay connected with you and your journey beyond GMC by having you join our GMC Blazer Alumni Association. Our hope is to keep all of our graduates updated with class reunions, alumni news, and big events you need to know about. From the new school building, to the growth in the student body, we want all of our alumni to continue to be a part of the GMC Family.

Please use the two links below to update your contact information with us and to join the Greer Middle College Alumni Facebook page. While the setting may change,and students graduate, we will always be GREER MIDDLE COLLEGE - HOME OF THE BLAZERS.

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 Contact Information Update

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Class Representatives

  • Class of 2012: Townsend Jacques – Deadeyet@gmail.com
  • Class of 2013: Asa Reini – areini@g.clemson.edu
  • Class of 2014: Samantha Hofmann – samanthahofmann96@yahoo.com
  • Class of 2015: Leighton Higgins – ljh@email.sc.edu
  • Class of 2016: Kilian Meilinger – meilingerkr@gmail.com
  • Class of 2017: Laurel Williams laurelhwilliams@gmail.com
  • Class of 2018: Matthew Langley: matthewlangley1@gmail.com