Greer Middle College Charter High School is a public charter high school located on the Benson Campus of Greenville Technical College. Open enrollment allows any student living within South Carolina to attend with no admission test or tuition costs.

By sparking creativity and inquisitive thinking through its courses, GMC provides graduates with an unparalleled high school education in a small setting. GMC’s vision promotes a project-based curriculum, offering students a strong academic foundation and the technical training necessary for college.  Currently, 50% of our students are enrolled in college courses made available to them at the beginning of their sophomore year. Students have the opportunity to earn an Associate degree while still in high school through GMC’s partnership with Greenville Technical College.

GMC seeks to create a community of learners where mutual respect, trust, integrity, and the pursuit of knowledge are valued.  GMC provides equitable opportunities for all students to acquire an education focused on linkages between technology, careers, and rigorous academics.  We produce graduates who are prepared to enter the global workforce of the 21st century. With the personalized support structure and family atmosphere plus the opportunity for students to partake in dual-credit opportunities in high school, GMC is exceeding the expectations of students and parents.  GMC helps students meet the tasks they set for themselves of seeking challenges to learn and grow during these formative years.

Greer Middle College School Report Cards

Under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), State Education Agencies are required to prepare and disseminate an annual State Education Agency (SEA) report card and Local Education Agency (LEA) report cards that meet the minimum requirements described in federal law.   Each LEA then prepares a report card for each school in its district.

Health Education Materials

In accordance with Proviso 1.49 of Section 1 - Department of Education - of the 2021-22 South Carolina General Assembly General Appropriations Bill, Greer Middle College offers the following Health Education courses which utilize the educational course materials listed:

  • Physical Education - No published material
  • Leisure Sports - No published material
  • Weight Training - No published material
  • Comprehensive Health - Choosing the Best JOURNEY - Choosing the Best. (n.d.)., from website:
  • Nutrition -  Friedman, D. P., Stine, C. C., Whalen, S., & Inc, W. (2009). Lifetime health. Austin, Tex.: Holt, Rinehart And Winston.