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138 W. McElhaney Rd, Taylors, SC
138 W. McElhaney Rd, Taylors, SC

GMC School Testing Schedule

The following is a list of scheduled testing dates:

  • March: 1st:  SAT (11th Graders)- Activity Center
    7th:  ACT (11th Graders)- Location TBD
    29th: WIN (11th Graders)-Location TBD
  • April:  5th: Workkeys (11th Graders)-Location TBD
  • May:  8th: AP Computer Science (After 12pm)- Location TBD
    10th: English 2 (Writing)- History HAll
    11th: English 2 (Reading)-History Hall
    12th: Algebra 1- History Hall
    15th: English/Algebra 1 Makeup- Conference Room
    16th: US History- History/Science Hall
    17th: Biology- History/Science Hall
    18th: Makeup EOC