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Attention Parents!

Parent Portal

How parents are more involved during eLearning and how they can best tell if their child has completed assignments has been a topic since this situation began. After discussion among faculty, we have decided that the only universal way for all of our parents to know of the assignments, whether their student has completed it, and eventually know the grade, is through Parent Portal.

Below is what GMC administration has passed along to teachers as far as how to handle their grade books as long as we are doing eLearning:

1. How parents will know what is assigned: Teachers will put upcoming assignments in their grade book at least 1 week out.

2. How parents will know if their child completed the assignment: Within 1 day of the teacher's desired collection date, they will either enter the grade(s), or mark the assignment(s) a) Collected, b) Missing, or c) Incomplete using the icon codes in Parent Portal.

Nothing should be marked as "Late" or be assigned a grade of zero.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Dillard.

Grading Info

The SC State Department of Education issued guidelines for grading, including ones for high school courses that require credit. In recognition that learning from home is difficult for some students, third quarter grades, earned while students were in the building, will influence 2nd semester grades more than grades earned during the school building closure. Seniors will be given ample benefit with course work and they should continue to follow the guidance of their Senior Project teacher to make sure they are completing what is needed as the Senior Project course is still a requirement for graduation from GMC. SC State Department of Education policies have no bearing on Greenville Technical College, so students enrolled in college classes should be following the guidance of their professors.

2020/2021 Enrollment Paperwork Due

Enrollment packets are due for 9th, 10th and 11th grade. It can be mailed or dropped off at the school on Mondays or Wednesdays ONLY(8 am to noon; 1 pm to 4 pm).


Any meeting you may have had scheduled for this time frame should have been rescheduled to a virtual meeting by the faculty member. If that has not happened, please reach out to that teacher or faculty member.

Assignment Rotation

Please be patient with us as this is the first full week of eLearning. We plan to reflect, evaluate, and tweak as needed. Below is the assignment rotation we are following:

      • Monday Morning - Math
      • Monday Afternoon - English
      • Tuesday Morning - Science and SP/SPI
      • Tuesday Afternoon - Social Studies and all others
      • Wednesday Morning - Math
      • Wednesday Afternoon - English
      • Thursday Morning - Science and SP/SPI
      • Thursday Afternoon - Social Studies
      • Friday - All others

As always, if you or your child need anything, do not hesitate to contact whomever you would if we were in the building.

Google Classrooms

If you want access to one of your child's Google classrooms, simply email that request to the teacher.

Science Teacher Opening for 2020-2021 School Year

GMC is in need of a science teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. Interested individuals should check our website under Employment Opportunities for information.

2021 Disney EDUscape Trip

Join GMC for the annual EDUscape Disney trip on January 3-9, 2021. GMC students, their siblings, and parents are welcome to travel with us. We will stay at a Disney resort for 5 nights and have 5 fun-filled days in the Disney World parks. Spaces are limited. Please contact Mrs. Rouse or Ms. Sawicki with any questions.

Service Hours

Service hours for the 19/20 school year began June 1.
Parent hours must be submitted on MyFoodDays.

Reminder: Log hours weekly so you don't lose track of your service!
Log parent hours at myfooddays.   |  View Demo

Charter Barter School Needs

    • white copy paper
    • disinfectant wipe
    • facial tissue
    • Hand Sanitizer (pump)
    • microwave for staff workroom
    • Click here to view Charter Barter needs by teacher.

Recycling Driver Needed!

We need a parent or student to pick up recycling materials and transport them to the local recycling center weekly. Create your own schedule for when you pick up the materials. We recycle cans, bottles, and paper, and we sort them. We have materials in three large rolling bins but we can move them to bags for easier transport. Please email Ms. Sho if you can help.

GMC Lunch Volunteers Needed

We rely on 3 volunteer parents per day in order to serve lunch to our students. Sign-ups are under the volunteer tab of myfooddays.